Monday, April 19, 2010

TwiceRight: Young conservative puts forth "My case for JD Hayworth"

Oh, John McCain, what a fall from grace you're having. From your many years as the maverick "rock star" of the late 90s/early 2000s neocon-led Republican Party, to its failed candidate in the 2008 presidential election, and now as a soon-to-be-defeated incumbent senatorial candidate in your home state of Arizona. It's been a wild ride for you, hasn't it? I'm sure you're glad it's almost over — as am I.

Sadly though, my lack of Arizonian residency prevents me from doing the one thing I wish I could do: pull the lever for John McCain's Republican opponent, JD Hayworth. And why? Because JD Hayworth represents what this county needs in a Republican — nay, either party — candidate: true conservatism.

First on the agenda: fiscal conservatism (the most important pillar, in this classically liberal writer's opinion). Let's start with taxes: while Hayworth helped author the Bush tax cuts along with the repeal of the Death Tax, McCain fought against both policies. Why? Maybe John McCain enjoys a massive central bureaucracy. After all, he voted for TARP, the Bush/Obama bailout package of the largest firms on Wall Street. And he's staunchly in support of Cap and Trade legislation — legislation that severely cripples the private sector in the name of an unproven (and highly questionable) theory of "man-made global warming." JD Hayworth opposes both TARP and Cap and Trade legislation.

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