Saturday, July 4, 2009

Next CCM meeting: Islam - Understanding the effects of Muslim Beliefs in our American Culture

Most of us as Americans have a very limited understanding of Islam. Is it a religion? Is it a political movement? Is it an ideology? Is it and are they tolerant of other systems and beliefs? Should Americans be concerned at the federal funding of the relocation of “Hamas refugees” into our nation? Is there such a group as tolerant Muslims? Is our president going to introduce us to Sharia law as the changing law of our land?

Mark your calendar and come join us July 13th, at The Italian American Club, 7509 North 12th Street Phoenix, Arizona USA 85020, at 6:30pm for sandwiches and then bring your questions as we have our panelist look at both sides of the issues as we grow in understanding the effects of Muslim Beliefs in our American culture. Please RSVP by sending a reply to this e-mail or a new e-mail to the owner of the list. Thanks!

CCM has a primary goal to educate our membership in the principles of the founding documents and the intent of the founding fathers of our nation and to galvanize you toward effective civic action to reassert and reclaim the life, liberty and property our forefathers labored to defend in the ongoing Declaration of Independence.

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