Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CAP: Governor Brewer signs prolife bills

Today, Gov. Brewer signed four more bills of critical importance to Arizona families, including the most significant pro-life legislation in many, many years.
The CAP-supported bills are:
  1. HB 2400 - State Ban on Partial-Birth Abortion. Prohibits the brutal and inhumane partial-birth abortion procedure.
  2. HB 2564 - Abortion Consent Act. Updates and clarifies Arizona's abortion statutes to protect women, children, parents, and the civil rights of healthcare workers.
  3. SB 1175 - State Ban on Non-Doctors Performing Abortions. Clarifies that Arizona law does not permit an individual who is not a licensed physician to perform a surgical abortion.
  4. HB 2616 - Jesse's Law, Part 2. Protects patients who are unable to communicate their wishes by modifying Arizona's laws governing when food and fluid can be withdrawn.
Praise God! Gov. Brewer's action brings to eight the number of CAP-supported bills this legislative session, making it the most significant in CAP's history. The other four bills: HB 2357 Student Religious Liberties Act; HB 2286 Charitable Tax Credit Simplification; HB 2123 License Plates Modification; and Lexie's Law. Lexie's Law established a corporate tax credit scholarship program for disabled and displaced students.
Tonight, we're still waiting for word on the Governor's action on two other bills: HB 2288 Corporate Scholarship Tax Credit and HB 2287 Withholding Tax Reduction.

For the last thirteen years, CAP has advocated for a woman's right to know abortion law to be passed. Today, that legislation became a reality. The Abortion Consent Act gives women considering an abortion the right to receive information about the risks and alternatives to abortion, facts of fetal development, and a reflection period of 24 hours to consider her critical life decision. This new law also makes needed changes to Arizona's parental consent and rights of conscience laws.
For more information and detailed fact sheets for each bill, visitwww.azpolicy.org.

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