Thursday, July 9, 2009

ATR: Arizona Senate President Bob Burns Ousts Taxpayer Champions From Key Positions

By Patrick Gleason

Last night Arizona Senate President Bob Burns, in what is viewed by many as a legislative temper tantrum, booted two colleagues in leadership from key posts. Senator Thayer Verschoor (R-Gilbert) was ousted from his position as Senate President Pro Tem and Senate Majority Whip Pamela Gorman (R-Anthem) was removed from the Rules Committee.

Their crime: Defending taxpayers from a massive tax increase pushed by an unelected governor in the middle of a recession.

It has been a sad state of affairs for Republicans in Arizona this year. There was hope among many that years of fiscal irresponsibility would end with Governor Janet Napolitano being replaced by Republican Jan Brewer. Yet in a move that left many puzzled, Brewer came out of the gate early this year with a proposal for the aforementioned multi-billion dollar sales tax increase. Now true conservatives such as Gorman and Verschoor are being punished for not supporting the Governor's tax hike.

Verschoor will be replaced by Senator Steve Pierce (R-Prescott). Gorman's replacement on the rules committee has yet to be named.

Americans for Tax Reform condemns Burns' actions. ATR urges Arizona taxpayers to contact their representative in the legislature and urge them to join Verschoor and Gorman in standing up against the chocolate soldiers who are pushing to the Brewer-Coughlin tax hike. CLICK HERE to take action!

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Dutch said...

How sad that Sen. Burns has caved into the Governor's demands. Another Story has it that Speaker Adams also is willing to support the Governor, but cannot convince enough House members to vote in favor of the referral. (The Dimocrats are just sitting on the sidelines, voting no, just to keep the Arizona Republican Party conflagration going.) The way things are going, the Republicans will lose both houses in Arizona and the Governorship in 2010. In my opinion, Arizona is a microcosm of the National Republican Party. Who will rise out of the ashes? A new Conservative-led Republican Party, or an entirely New Party, with the Republicans going the way of the Whigs?