Monday, July 20, 2009 events this week

Have you had a chance to visit yet? You might not be looking for a job...but you probably know someone that is. This site is unique for several reasons:

Easily create an account and multiple search profiles in seconds. No Resume Required.
Remain completely anonymous. No personal identifying info collected.
• Search, save and receive relevant jobs via email or text message, or both.
• Use of social media outlets such Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and other outlets to reach potential employers.

Find the Right Job Without All the Work! Sign up now, and you'll be entered to win a trip to 9Beaches Resort in Bermuda. Refer others for more chances!

LinkedIn Seminar by Gelie this Tuesday: Back by popular demand! Join me for this informational seminar where I'll share my personal strategy and keys to successfully connecting on LinkedIn! More info here.

Also, this Thursday I'll be speaking at the Arizona Business & Professional Women SE Valley Chapter. If you're in the area...stop by!

On the Radar. Off the Cuff. Check out this radio interview that I did with host Eric Brandt, CEO of Defero. Feel free to leave your comments and feedback!

There is still time to get a table at our Signature Event on August 20th! Please contact for details. Here is the CH 15 video recap of the previous event.

Below are this week's featured events. Happy networking and see you soon!
Women I Should Know - Introduce yourself and your business to the ladies of WISK at this networking luncheon.
LinkedIn Seminar by Gelie - Back by popular demand! Join Gelie for this informational seminar where she'll share her personal strategy and her keys to connecting on LinkedIn!

AZJBA - If you've never tried it now is your chance to discover the value of Speed Networking at this quick paced event open to all professionals.
Arizona Business Circle - Join this exceptional group for an active lunch of networking, and leads sharing, and find quality referrals to build your business.

North Scottsdale Chamber presents their bi-monthly luncheon. This event is designed to create MORE exposure for your individual business.

Shakers and Stirrers - Get in touch with the valley's top professionals at this popular mixer. Make sure to sign up in advance to receive a list of the attendees!!
Biz Connect is a unique B2B networking group with a proven record of successful connections. We welcome Kevin Mogavero of Six Degrees as our speaker this evening.

The PinkedIn Party is a casual evening event that brings together job seekers, employers, recruiters, and industry experts in an effort to connect people to jobs. Meet people with both the attitude and the resources to help you at aloft in Tempe.

Showcase Your Business! - Join KFNN Radio for this LIVE Broadcast from Roka Akor and get a chance to showcase your business on air for up to 6 minutes!

Bowling for Business - Join the Scottsdale Chamber and ASBA for this unique joint mixer at the AMF Scottsdale Lanes and get a chance to mingle with 200+ professionals.
North Phoenix Chamber - The Friday Power Network leads group puts the punch in lunch with some great networking. Join us for this ‘only' industry specific meeting.

Raven's Event - Experience a dynamic evening of social networking as we celebrate the 3-year anniversary of a Scottsdale landmark, Trader Vic's.
Spirituality in Business - The Law of Attraction Redefined - Everything in nature grows from the inside out - so does your business! Learn how to work with co-workers in harmony and inclusiveness to achieve better and higher results at this unique workshop.

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