Monday, July 6, 2009

CAP: Legislative update & judicial nominations

At the Legislature, it's never over until it's really over. Even though the Legislature adjourned its session early Wednesday morning, the Governor quickly vetoed the budget bills and called for a special session to start July 6. One measure vetoed in the budget bills would keep the corporate scholarship tax credit in place that helps hundreds of families choose the school that best fits their children's needs. The program is currently scheduled to end in 2011. Another vetoed measure would have overturned former Gov. Napolitano's administrative rule granting domestic partner benefits to state employees.

In the closing hours, the Arizona Senate gave final approval to SB 1175, a CAP-initiated bill to clarify that non-doctors may not perform surgical abortions in Arizona. For an interesting glimpse into the debate, watch the House Health Committee hearing video. Click on SB 1175, and you'll see the debate I had with legislators opposing the bill. (Ignore the title regarding immigration.)

The Governor has ten days (excluding Sundays) to decide whether to sign the remaining bills on her desk. All the CAP-supported bills, including the three pro-life measures, are on the Governor's desk awaiting her action. Please pray for wisdom and unity for the Governor and Legislature.

On Monday, the Arizona Appellate Court Commission interviewed eight candidates for the vacancy on the Arizona Supreme Court. We closely monitor this process because of the court's impact on every family issue and because of our great interest in judicial reform. The Commission nominated Judges Diane Johnsen, John Pelander, and Ann Scott Timmer. The final decision will be made by the Governor. To learn more about these candidates, read this

This holiday weekend, take time to reflect on the incredible gift of our freedom and the sacrifices of so many courageous patriots that helped establish our nation. Here are some suggestions for celebrating the true meaning of Independence Day from David Barton of WallBuilders:Join churches across America in Call 2 Fall by spending three to five minutes of your Sunday morning worship service on July 5th praying for personal repentance and for God's sovereign guidance and protection for America.

Join us for a CAP Family Issue Briefing on July 10 at 7:30 p.m. at the Blue Ridge High School in Lakeside. Then, on Saturday, prepare for leading a small group with Truth Project Training. We hope to see you at these great events!

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