Thursday, July 30, 2009

AFP: Scoring the Proposed July 29 Budget and Tax Deal

Pasted below is a link to an updated scoring rubric, showing how AFP Arizona's 2009 Legislative Scorecard would likely grade the tax and budget deal that appears to be in play today. In the table, Legislators A and B vote for the tax trade-off (referring the Brewer sales tax to the ballot, in exchange for permanent repeal of the state equalization property tax and future reductions in the personal and corporate income taxes to 4.24 adn 4.86 percent, respectively). Legislators C and D vote against the tax trade-off.

The biggest factor is not the tax tradeoff, but rather, the votes (or lack thereof) on referring to the 2010 ballot a reduction in the state's existing constitutional spending limit. SCR1006 at least made it to the Senate floor, but all members of the House stand to lose points for the failure of some version of the reform to make it to a vote on the House floor.

Scores are also substantially diminished by the failure of the legislative majority and governor to achieve much in the way of baseline budget reductions off the FY2009 peak.

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