Monday, July 6, 2009

American Post-Gazette: Legislators favor lawbreakers over citizens

Tale of betrayal

GOP traitors among us

Senator Pearce reports on perfidy in the legislature:

I sorry to report that my bill, HB2280, which would have ended Sanctuary City policies in the state of Arizona, failed to pass out of the House. We had passed it out of the Senate and Governor Brewer would have signed it into law, so all we needed was House passage.

Knowing this, the open-border folks did what they could do stall the bill or block it outright. First they assigned it to a committee whose chairman is an immigration lawyer and well-known open border advocate. Then, after we went around that committee and attached the language to another bill, they held it up until the wee hours of the morning on the final day of session, even waiting until after the budget votes were taken so that a number of members could duck the vote entirely and simply go home.

I am considering taking the measure to the ballot as a voter initiative and will keep you all informed about our next step. I’m also including an update on this bill from the Pachyderm Coalition’s Southern Arizona Chapter. To not enforce our laws is shameful, to ignore the deaths, maiming of citizens and our police officers is criminal and to ignore the billions in cost to Arizona taxpayers is irresponsible. I don't care what spin they put on the effort to block enforcement and they will, it is in Violation of their Oath of Office and their Constitutional duty and it is illegal under federal law.

Senator Russell Pearce
Arizona State Legislature


Kicker said...

Pearce's failed law is NOT the same as a "citizen's initiative" and doesn't belong on the ballot unless we put it there. Believe it or not, some citizens are being represented when their legislators disagree with Pearce and vote his measures down. Furthermore, the argument that immigrants are responsible for so many murders etc. should be secondary to the fact that the MCSO chasing down brown-skinned people for their citizenship papers detracts from their ability to solve real crimes that real citizens commit, too (like rapes and murders). God bless the republicans who refuse to let Pearce be the sole voice who represents us all.

Unknown said...

Let us just ignore the fact that this was an unfunded mandate, something Mr. Hypocritical is just fine to ignore since it fits in his agenda.
If you were to propose a tax increase with all funds going to the enforcement of illegal immigration, Pearce would not only be the first to vote yes, he'd sponsor and bully the bill through the chambers.
He's a hypocrite who struggles to hide his true colors.