Thursday, July 9, 2009

CAP: Ask the Governor to sign school choice bills

Governor Brewer has two important bills on her desk to benefit students and parents through Arizona's school choice programs.

HB 2288 allows the corporate scholarship tax credit program to continue beyond 2011. Absent new legislation, the corporate scholarship tax credit program will expire in 2011. HB 2288 also corrects an oversight in the original program by allowing insurance companies to participate.

HB 2287 allows employers to voluntarily offer employees the opportunity to participate in the public school, school tuition organization, and charitable tax credit programs by having their withholding tax reduced throughout the year.

Arizona has been a national leader in school choice, and these bills will continue to offer parents meaningful choice for their children's education. Governor Brewer has expressed support for school choice programs, but opponents of school choice have been persistently claiming that the programs should be eliminated as part of the budget negotiations.

The Governor needs to hear from supporters of school choice like you TODAY. Gov. Brewer will make her decision on these bills as soon as today or as late as next Monday, July 13th!
  1. Let the Governor know that school choice is important to you. Call Governor Brewer's office at (602) 542-4331 or (800) 253-0883 or click here now to send an email. Politely ask the Governor to sign HB 2287 and HB 2288 and to maintain Arizona's school choice programs. Craft your personalized message based on the talking points below.
  2. Stay up-to-date on these bills on CAP's website and our blog.
  3. Forward this email to like-minded friends and family.
  4. Pray for the passage of these school choice bills and for the protection of school choice programs throughout the budget process.


  • School choice programs save the state money. The average scholarship per student is about $2400, while the average cost for public education per student is about $9700.
  • The ability to receive a quality education should not be contingent on income. School choice programs allow parents, regardless of income, to choose the education that best fits their children's needs.
  • Allowing the corporate scholarship tax credit program to continue ensures that children do not have the rug pulled out from under them after next school year.

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