Tuesday, July 21, 2009

AZ Tea Parties this Saturday protesting socialized healthcare

Arizona Tea Party Saturday July 25th-pls RSVP‏

PLEASE pass this on to your AZ Political Activist lists! We can't afford to give up or give in...the price for this will beyond anything you can ever imagine! The government can't even keep Medicare/Medicade/Social Security afloat what do you think they will do with a socialized health care system, with everyone on it? Remember if you are going, RSVP below, with Patty Meyer or at the arizona tea party website. Come with a written statement of your objections to this healthcare take over, to leave with the Congressman! I think if the Congressmen/aids see real people attached to the letters, it will make an impact. Bob and I went to the last protest on Friday. We will be in Tucson for a retreat this weekend and won't be attending this one, but will be at the next one, for sure! blessings..cmp

Please check out http://www.arizonateaparty.com/ for more information regarding a possible Arizona Tea Party protest this Saturday July 25th from 9-11am. We need to convince our leaders that we DO NOT want Government Run Health Care-

We need Americans who support:


Our choice of doctors
Our control of our health insurance options
Timely access to quality health care
Our money instead of paying for a government takeover

If you can make it to one of these offices on Saturday, please let me know.
Ann Kirkpatrick - Prescott Office
Ed Pastor - Phoenix Office
Harry Mitchell - Scottsdale Office
Raul Grijalva - Yuma & Tucson Offices
Gabrielle Giffords - Sierra Vista & Tucson Offices

We the People----Can make the difference!!
Patty M. Meyer

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