Thursday, April 1, 2010

JD Hayworth raises $1 million in 1 month; has only been in race 1.5 months


Fundraising Totals Exceed $1 million
Phoenix, AZ (April 1) - U.S. Senate candidate J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ) today thanked supporters across the state and the nation for helping his campaign exceed $1 million in contributions and sending a strong message to the Washington establishment during the "Million Dollar March."

Donations came from all fifty states with Arizona leading the way.  Hayworth will face Senator John McCain in the Republican Senate Primary on August 24.

"To the incredible number of Americans who donated to our efforts, I say 'Thank you!'" proclaimed Hayworth.  "To patriots who yearn for a consistent conservative in the U.S. Senate, I say, 'Join us!'  And finally, to the volunteers who worked late into the night last night to process hundreds of checks, I say 'Thank you, rest up, and get ready, because more is on the way!'"

Responding to McCain's furious spinners who fed "April Fool's falsehoods" about Hayworth's fundraising efforts, campaign manager David Payne stated, "It seems that April 1 has become an early Halloween for McCain's desperate efforts.  He may have tricked some members of the press, but the treat belongs to our campaign...and to common sense conservatives who are working, supporting, and contributing to our efforts--so that 2010 brings the right kind of change to Washington."

While checks are still being processed, as of 11:59pm on Wednesday, March 31, challenger Hayworth raised in excess of $1 million.  After just 6 weeks on the campaign trail, campaign finance reports will show that Hayworth raised over $23,500 per day in cash, checks, and credit cards, no pledges included.  Incumbent McCain, who formed his campaign committee on January 14, 2009 has been raising only $16,000 per day.

Hayworth is the consistent conservative running to serve Arizonans in the U.S. Senate.

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