Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Video of Trent Horn under fire on campus for prolife views

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November 2009

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· For an end to minor but chronic health problems I have been having with my left eye.

· For our office manager Toni Eva Heath who lost her sixteen year old son a few weeks ago.

· For our UNM Outreach in October.

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Dear Friend of Life,

This past October JFA brought over 70 students from Focus on the Family to engage in pro-life dialogue for two days at our exhibit on the University of New Mexico campus. On a campus where abortions are performed and taught at the university hospital, this extra help was vital as we mobilized to make abortion unthinkable for thousands of students.

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Under Fire On Open Mic At UNM
VIDEO: Under Fire on Open Mic

UNM Open Mic
Click here to Play video

Open microphone is a tool we use at Justice for All to accomplish our mission to make abortion unthinkable for millions. The average college student's day is a distracting blend of tests, papers, social networking, and listening to iPods. Borrowing from reality television's success, the open microphone presents live, non-scripted debate about abortion that students can tune into and "watch." But we don't stop there.

Our JFA volunteers are ready to ask the students watching the spectacle questions like: "What do you think about this?" In the middle of the crowd are staff members like myself who "perform" to gather onlookers as well as show that the pro-life position can easily compete in the marketplace of ideas. Check out the video above to get a taste of what its like to be "under fire" on the open mic.

Thank you all for your prayers and support of our Justice for All ministry. Click here to view my latest blog entry about the successful training and outreach I hosted at Arizona State University with ASU Students for Life last month. Finally, I have one surprising confession to leave you with.

When I spoke with the UNM Vice President of Medical Students for Choice he confided in me why their organization was having a difficult time accomplishing their mission of recruiting students to become abortionists. He said, "I'll give you this though. What you do with this exhibit has made some of our people not want to do abortions."

Please pray that more lives will be changed and saved through gracious dialogue. And thank you again for your support that helps me reach out even to students who are thinking of becoming abortionists.
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