Monday, November 16, 2009

CAP: Sex ed for teens debate continues

This week, a task force created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its analysis of sex education for teenagers. Both sides of the debate claimed victory, so what did the report really mean? The report recommended "comprehensive risk reduction interventions" - meaning instructing teenagers about things like birth control and condoms, without offering abstinence as the best option. However, two members of the task force released a Minority Report, explaining why the committee's recommendation was based on flawed analysis and pointing out the strong evidence in favor of abstinence education. I encourage you to read the Minority Report for yourself as the debate continues over federal funding for abstinence education programs.

Abortion Issue Not Over in Health Debate; Stay Informed!

Last weekend, the U.S. House passed the massive health care reform bill. Added to the final bill was an amendment that prohibited taxpayer funding of abortion. While this is good news, there is still cause for concern. There is no guarantee that the amendment will be part of the final bill after it goes through the Senate. Furthermore, the amendment does not address health care providers' rights of conscience or protecting patients in end-of-life decisions. Make sure you know how your representative voted on both the pro-life "Stupak amendment" and the full health care reform bill. Use the following links to stay informed!
Stupak Amendment vote - a "No" vote means supporting taxpayer funding of abortion
Final House vote - a "Yes" vote means supporting the government health care takeover
FRC Action Blog
Americans United for Life blog

School Choice Hearing on Monday!

The Legislature's official Private School Tax Credit Review Committee will hold its second meeting on Monday, November 16, at 1 p.m. The hearing will include a presentation from economist Dr. Charles North and tax expert Jeff Hill, as well as a summary of information provided by Arizona's School Tuition Organizations about their policies and practices. The hearing will be at the House of Representatives, 1700 W. Washington, Phoenix, in Hearing Room 5. We encourage you to attend in person to show your support, or you can watch the proceedings live online at (click "Live Proceedings" on the left-hand side).

Columnist is Correct: Casinos are a Bad Bet:

In today's Republic, columnist Froma Herrop writes about the dangers of states allowing casinos and gambling expansion. Not only do casinos and slots take money away from the local economies, they also bring in crime, suicide, and tearing down of families. CAP continues to stand against any expansion of gambling in Arizona.

Choose Life License Plates Available Online!
It is now easier than ever to purchase your very own Choose Life license plate through the MVD's website: Out of the $25 fee, $17 will go to the Arizona Life Coalition to promote life-affirming services to women through pregnancy resource centers. Click here for more information on how to get your plate!

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