Monday, November 2, 2009

AFP: How to Make Your Voice Heard on Health Care Reform

Patients First a Project of Americans for Prosperity

Dear Taxpayer:

Below are three easy steps to spread the word about health care freedom. But we have to act quickly: we have a very small time window in which to STOP the impending Washington takeover of health care.

If you are like me, you are very concerned about the plans in Congress to have the national government take control over health insurance and health care. There are good ideas for health insurance reform—ideas that would promote health care freedom—but the majority in Congress ignores those ideas, in favor of putting DC bureaucrats in charge of what will be covered and what will not be covered.

How can you make your voice heard? You go to tea parties, but the mainstream media ignore them. You call and write Congress, but very few members of Congress are responsive. You send out emails, but there’s too much email flying around these days, so your messages get deleted, or lost in people’s spam filters. Some people do listen to you, but they’re usually the ones who are already convinced. How can you get this important message out to a wider audience?

Right now, you need to engage your neighbors in stopping a Washington takeover of health care. That’s right: YOUR neighbors. Your neighbors are very busy right now, trying to hold onto their jobs in a tough economy. And when they get home from work, they want to spend their time with their families. If they turn on the TV, they would rather watch sitcoms than watch news. If they turn on the radio, they’re listening to music, not talk radio.

Once your neighbors join the cause of health care freedom, their views will be represented in opinion polls, and Obama and the majority in Congress will have to back away from their plans to take over health insurance and health care. But right now, the only people talking to your neighbors are the talking heads in the mainstream media.

We have the power to stop the takeover of health insurance and health care by the national government, but we have to get your neighbors educated and involved. We need to get the message of health care freedom to your neighbors, at a time when TV, radio, email, and social networking sites have not accomplished the mission.

Here are three easy steps to spread the message:

1) Open up our one-page pdf flyer, and print out several copies. (Ten copies? 50 copies? 100? 1,000? You choose.)

URL for the pdf flyer:

2) Quickly distribute those copies to your neighbors.

(You can leave the flyers on their front doorsteps, but it’s better to ring the doorbell and talk to them. The best thing to say is, “I am very concerned that Congress is going in the wrong direction on health care reform. Please do me a favor and read this flyer. Thank you.” If some of your neighbors are not receptive, don’t argue with them. If a neighbor does seem receptive, ask him or her to “Please go to and sign the Hands Off My Health Care petition.” For now, just stick to health care. Now is not the time to try to convince your neighbors to see things your way on other political issues, or to join your political party.)

3) Send me an email when you’re done distributing your flyers:

Please let me know how many flyers you distributed, and the city, state, and major cross-streets where you distributed the flyers.

Thanks (in advance) for your hard work in preserving and expanding health care freedom!

For Liberty,


Tom Jenney
Americans for Prosperity
(602) 478-0146


Patients First, A Project of Americans for ProsperityTM, focused on real health care reform that will lead to more choices for patients and affordable healthcare options for all. Patients First is not affiliated in any way with Patient First healthcare clinics.

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