Tuesday, November 17, 2009

CCM Meeting Minutes and Money Changers

Dear CCM Members and friends,

We had a lively meeting last week. See link http://www.ccmphoenix.org/Meetings/09_11_Nov.html for details and educational links.

As we the people prepare for the legislative battle ahead you'll need some tools, I offer you the following for consideration and action.

3 corners of the Patriots hat - Prayer, Education and Civic Action.

1. "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32

2. The History of the Money Changers. http://www.iamthewitness.com/books/Andrew.Carrington.Hitchcock/The.History.of.the.Money.Changers.htm This 63 page history is worth the time to read in case you really want to understand who is the power behind the decision makers in your government.

Arizona legislators are being called back into session to sort out the budget and this is a good time for me to introduce you to a powerful tool that will help you reach your state representatives, not just for budget concerns but for every piece of legislation they will be considering. Click Here www.lifelibertyfreedom.com to better understand why this tool is important and then sign up. It's free.

In Service,

Robert A. Zuluaga

President, CCM

Arizona Chapter Coalition for a Conservative Majority
Website: www.ccmphoenix.org
Email: robertazccm@gmail.com

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