Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rep. Franks: How deep does the stimulus rabbit-hole go? 'Who knows, man? Who knows?'

Reports are surfacing about hundreds of fake Congressional Districts appearing on the list of locations where stimulus funds are being spent. (Note also that the fake Congressional districts in dispute on are in addition to the phony jobs being listed in legitimate districts.) Ed Pound, Director of Communications for President Obama's stimulus "transparency" website-- uttered a scintillatingly clear response when asked about how these fictitious districts were receiving federal stimulus funds: "...Who knows, man? Who really knows?" Just another illustration of the prescient clarity we are learning to expect from the Obama Administration.

The same individual also admitted in a response to an inquiry from Rep. Darrell Issa that he could not certify whether the number of jobs "saved or created" by the stimulus, as reported on, was accurate. He replied, "No, I am not able to make this certification.” Thankfully for government bureaucrats, accuracy is not a requirement for websites specifically designed to provide transparency. In fact it seems that the jobs "saved or created"-- and even many of the Congressional Districts in which they are created-- are so transparent, they're invisible. Arizona, for instance, is now the proud host of 86 Congressional Districts. A whopping $34 MILLION stimulus dollars were spent in Arizona's 86th's Congressional District, for a total of-- how many?-- ZERO jobs. We also have a "00" Congressional District, in which another $600K spent has been spent to create fictitious jobs. State/Territory Summaries: Top Congressional Districts Jobs Amount 4th congressional district 10,034.8 $1,772,338,156 7th congressional district 735.3 $394,080,874 1st congressional district 909.4 $217,071,244 5th congressional district 137 $145,399,210 6th congressional district 81 $89,641,748 2nd congressional district 135.3 $86,400,240 8th congressional district 106.2 $50,624,970 3rd congressional district 86 $42,422,493 86th congressional district 0 $34,412,126 40th congressional district 0 $1,280,838 9th congressional district 2 $905,475 15th congressional district 30 $761,420 00 congressional district 8 $599,061 78th congressional district 0 $490,482 38th congressional district 5 $391,139 11th congressional district 5 $288,020 29th congressional district 0 $148,482 36th congressional district 0 $81,071 50th congressional district 0 $70,000 52nd congressional district 7 $59,414 25th congressional district 0 $57,194 18th congressional district 1 $32,878 And in an interview with ABC News, Chris Whitley with Head Start responded to a question on how Head Start somehow misreported the number of jobs it had created with stimulus funds as "317," when in fact that number was the amount of standing employees who had received a one-time pay raise of 2.3%. Whitley stated, " wasn't illegal, immoral or unethical. And they told me to do it, so I did it." If this is true, it would appear that the helpful folks at the other end of the Stimulus Help Line are actively instructing people to disregard the actual numbers and submit fictitious jobs claims, seemingly in the interest of trying to salvage any disintegrating claims of stimulus success by the Obama Administration. Just today, a newly released GAO report shows that more than 58,000 reported stimulus jobs came from projects that have not yet spent any stimulus funds. That is one out of every 10 jobs the White House says were "saved or created." These are only a few of the "reporting errors" surfacing with increasing frequency in the wake of the most recent jobless report, which revealed a 10.2% unemployment rate despite the President's assurance that it would not climb over 8% if Congress would rush to pass the $800 deficit bill (during the worst economic recession since the Great Depression.) The question is no longer whether the stimulus has worked. Now the only question is how deep this ridiculous stimulus rabbit-hole really goes.


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