Wednesday, November 11, 2009

CAP & AZRTL: AZ Choose Life Plates Now Available ONLINE!

Now, after years of a CAP-led court battle and months of waiting, you can order your CHOOSE LIFE license plate online. Never before has it been so easy to do something significant to advance the cause of life in the state of Arizona! By one simple step, you can make a statement to our community about the importance of human life, and you can also provide funding that will help women find positive, life-affirming solutions in difficult circumstances.

Out of your $25 fee for a specialty plate, $17 will go directly to the Arizona Life Coalition! (CAP is a founding member of the Arizona Life Coalition.) The Coalition will use the funds to promote life-affirming services to women through pregnancy resource centers.

Imagine a day in Arizona when no one could go for a drive of any length without seeing multiple "Choose Life" messages! With your support, we are headed toward that day!

Go to TODAY and convert your license plates to "Choose Life" plates!

The process is simple. To get your plate TODAY:
(1) Go to

If your vehicle registration is due within three months, you have the option of renewing early along with your "Choose Life" plate order by clicking on "Vehicle Registration Renewal."
If you are not ready to renew, click on the words "Personalized/Specialty Plates" and select "Order my plate."
Enter your license plate number and the last 2 digits of your vehicle identification number (or click "What if I don't know my Vehicle Identification Number?" to enter your last name).

(2) Continue through the steps until you arrive at the screen that says "Select Plate Style." Click on "View Available Plate Styles" and you will go to a screen with various specialty plates - including the "Choose Life" plate!
(3) Simply select "Choose Life" and then complete your order. Your new "Choose Life" plate will be mailed to you!

(If you typically renew by mail or by visiting the closest MVD office, we would ask you to go to your local MVD office and order your plates there!)

During your next annual registration renewal, again pick "Choose Life" plates and another donation is made to Arizona Life Coalition in support of pregnancy resource centers!

Next, forward this email to your friends, family members, and neighbors. Print copies of this flyer to take to church and other gatherings. Help us spread the word!

Visit our website at, where we will provide regular updates on our progress getting "Choose Life" plates on the streets of Arizona, along with information about our
donations to pregnancy resource centers!Thank you so much for letting your voice be heard for life TODAY!

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