Friday, November 6, 2009


The Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL) has formed the AzCDL Political Action Committee (PAC).

AzCDL has been crucial in crafting and passing excellent gun laws in the state, and stopping bad laws from moving. These are true gun guys through and through, fighting for our rights. They've done great with legislation, but they have not been able to support or oppose candidates because election laws prohibit them. The PAC fixes that.

The PAC will focus entirely on candidates for the Arizona legislature or other statewide offices, like the governor or attorney general (but it cannot act on local elections -- county, city, town, etc., or federal offices). By actively supporting pro-rights candidates, and opposing anti-rights candidates, your gun rights will be better protected. This new PAC deserves your support. This is exactly what we need. Learn more:

Take it from me, these people have their heads on straight. What a PAC needs most is money, that's where the influence comes from, so they're asking for donations. Even a small amount adds up and will make a difference between candidates who support your right to keep and bear, and those who would disarm you.

I recommend you join them, and similar groups, if you haven't already: While AzCDL are the new boys on the block, The Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association has been the standard bearer for 100 years -- from before Arizona statehood. If your Second Amendment rights mean anything to you, be sure they feel your support too, because without them, we'd be spittin' into the wind.

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