Tuesday, November 3, 2009

PARKER FOR GUV NEWS: Vernon Parker Launches 2010 Video Campaign

Potential Gubernatorial Candidate, PV Mayor Featured in Video Vignettes on Website

PARADISE VALLEY, Ariz – Nov. 2, 2009 – He knows what it’s like to fight the odds and come out on the other side. And he has what it takes to help Arizona do the same. In a series of videos that just debuted at www.Parker2010.com, Paradise Valley Mayor and potential candidate for Governor Vernon Parker shares his thoughts on key issues and how to get Arizona back on track.
“Policy papers are important but so too is explaining directly and in your own words how you feel about key issues and who you are as a person and candidate. I believe Arizona requires someone fresh to right the ship and that includes running a next generation campaign too,” Parker said.
The three videos, of about one to two minutes in length, include:
* "Vernon Parker on Protecting Life"
* "Vernon Parker on Being a Pastor"
* "Vernon Parker on K-12 Education"
Shared in future videos is Parker’s inspiring life journey that carried him from poverty to becoming a presidential advisor, pastor, an Assistant Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, where he helped manage a $90 billion budget, and mayor of Arizona’s most affluent community.
The videos can be accessed by clicking on the Galleries button on the toolbar at the top of the webpage. New videos covering different topics will soon be added following the launch of the initial three.
After only one month Parker has already garnered hundreds of donors and is nearing the maximum amount of seed money fundraising allowed under Arizona’s Clean Elections system.
For more information, visit www.Parker2010.com or contact Jason Rose.

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