Friday, November 6, 2009

November Life Times

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Planned Parenthood Director Quits After Seeing Ultrasound

New Study shows 85% of Women Say Abortion Causes Mental Problems

Stop the Abortion Mandate!

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Jan 24, 2010

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March 6, 2010
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We would like to extend a sincere THANK YOU to all of you who responded so generously to our urgent plea for emergency funds to help cover our operational expenses and taxes. We are very grateful for your confidence in our daily life-saving efforts.

Three unexpected gifts came from impromptu fundraising events: Xavier College Prep donated a portion of Eric Genuis concert proceeds to AZ Right to Life. Then our own Secretary of the AZ Right to Life Board Rachel Alexander made arrangements with the pro-life networking group Politics on the Rocks to donate proceeds from a recent wine-tasting event (See event photos). We also appreciate the Chandler Knights of Columbus allowing Education Director Melanie Pritchard and Program Specialist Teddy Sifert to give a BabySay presentation to their members. We are thankful for a generous gift that came from an attendee. But our work is not done. A National travesty is about to occur.

Pelosi ramming abortion through Congress!
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has offered a new version of ObamaCare before Congress and we need your help to put the word out before THIS WEDNESDAY'S VOTE! CLICK HERE to call the pro-abortion Congressional Delegation from Arizona and tell them to "Oppose the Rule on HR 3962 if the Stupak-Pitts amendment to remove abortion funding is not allowed." Ask them to support the pro-life Stupak-Pitts amendment if a vote on it is allowed by Pelosi. If the amendment fails, ask your Representative to oppose final passage of the bill!

Life @ the Fair--AZ Right to Life Volunteers change hearts, minds
Logo: AZ State FairPhoenix, AZ--Oct. 16-Nov. 8 - With a volunteer list over 1000-deep, AZ Right to Life staffed our booth for three weeks with over 180 volunteers from all over the Valley.

With so many positive pro-life experiences, it would be impossible to print all the heart-warming experiences our volunteers had, but a picture speaks a thousand words. View an album of photos!

Photo:Visitors get to feel the official size and weight of a preborn 20-30 week old baby

Logo: Life Ed Corp.
Phoenix, AZ--Oct. 2 - Sixty junior high students from Christ Lutheran School learned from Education Director Melanie Pritchard as she spoke about the dignity and value of life throughout the first week of October. Melanie brought in special guest speaker, rap artist Brandon "The Rep" Kagel, who rapped "Unborn Child" for the audience (Listen to it here). The students were in awe as he rapped what might be the thoughts and feelings of an unborn child facing an abortion.

St. Louis, MO--Oct 8 - Pritchard flew to Missouri to conduct the five-hour AZRTL Leadership Training Seminar Abortion: Inside the Choice where she spoke to 200 students from the Archdiocese of St. Louis. After the seminar, event coordinator Sh
Photo: Pro-life Rap Artist Brandon Kagelelly Fravala said, "The students really enjoyed the conference. Overall, I had great feedback. The students had so much to think about, and they were chomping at the bit for more!"

Phoenix, AZ--Oct 23 - A few weeks later, Melanie and Rosa Camou conducted the same training seminar Abortion: Inside the Choice at Xavier College Prep in Phoenix where 60 Xavier and Brophy College Prep students were given the tools necessary to successfully dialogue about abortion. Xavier student Olivia Both commented to Melanie that her friend came to the training with her and was on the fence about abortion in cases of rape, but the training helped her to see the truth of the matter, and her friend said she is now pro-life. Xavier Students for Life president Caitlyn O'Sullivan said, "The training equipped me with the necessary tools to face society. The speakers were engaging, and the girls loved it."

To obtain a copy of the Leadership Training Seminar and the documentary Abortion: Inside the Choice or to book a speaker,
email Melanie.
Photo by Lisa Johnston
Photo:Melanie Pritchard speaks to audience in the Archdiocese of St. Louis, MO

Logo: AZ teens 4 lifeIt's on! AZ Teens for Life hits 280 members, a 215% Growth in less than a month
by Mary Patterson

Photo: Teens for Life President Mary Patterson helps AZRTL educate the public at the GCU Fall Festival on Oct 30th, 2009Phoenix, AZ--Nov. 1 - Since October 2009, Arizona Teens for Life experienced a 215% growth in membership in less than a month, from approximately 130 members to an exciting 280!

Not only has our group expanded in size, but we've also expanded our geographic area, welcoming several teens from as far as Tucson, and we look forward to soon seeing our membership expand all across the state! Our most important advance, though, is in our passion for life. As we become more involved with each other and for our cause, we realize more than ever before how important these life issues are, and we grow in our sense of responsibility and desire to be even more active in the fight for life.

Photo: Teens for Life Protest abortion outside Planned ParenthoodA major effort (and success) this past month was our Teen Tuesdays in support of the Fall 40 Days For Life campaign. Each of the five consecutive Tuesday events was well attended by an average of 25 teens and family members and received generally positive feedback from passing traffic, including countless HFLs ("Honks For Life") from passing firetrucks and ambulances! Teens who attended the events were able to meet people who were amazed at the age and enthusiasm of the members of AZT4L, some as young as eleven years old, who stood outside Planned Parenthood by their own choice because they knew what kind of impact their presence could make. Although Teen Tuesdays are over for 40DFL, we plan to host one each month until the 40 Days for Life campaign resumes in the Spring. If you're interested in participating, please email us so we can keep you updated on times and locations.

Plans are now underway for the AZT4L trip to Washington, DC for the March for Life in January, 2010. VP Randi Yeager has put special effort into researching and planning the DC trip and is asking anyone interested in going with our group to email us by Friday, November 6! Parent chaparones are specially invited also. If you or someone you know is interested in coming with us for this memorable and life-affirming adventure, please let us know!

For more info or to join our group, please email us, visit our website at, and join our social network on NING

About the author: Sixteen year-old Mary Patterson founded AZ Teens for Life in July 2009.

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