Monday, November 9, 2009

CAP: Planned Parenthood Director quits job after viewing ultrasound

Be Encouraged!

A great storm is coming in America - one in which the people rise up and defend the values that made this country so great in the first place. There are four big reasons to be encouraged today. Forward this to three of your friends so they will be encouraged, too!

Voters in Maine Defend Marriage! After their legislature redefined marriage earlier this year, the people of Maine voted on Tuesday to restore the true definition of marriage. In a socially liberal state where our allies were outspent 2-to-1, Maine continued the trend: in all 31 states where the people have voted on the definition of marriage, the people have supported marriage between one man and one woman.

Planned Parenthood Director Has Change of Heart! A Texas Planned Parenthood director quit her job after viewing an abortion through an ultrasound. Abby Johnson, who spent her career encouraging women to receive abortions, said after seeing the abortion on an ultrasound, "I would say there was a definite conversion in my heart ... a spiritual conversion." Continue to pray for Abby as she is now thrust into the national spotlight. For more insight, read a chilling, first-hand account of abortion clinic practices from a doctor who did a rotation at a Phoenix Planned Parenthood.

Community Pregnancy Center Celebrates 25 Years! Last night, I had the privilege of being the keynote speaker at the CPC Prescott 25th Anniversary Dinner. Congratulations to the CPC Team and all our friends in Prescott who are on the front lines saving lives because of their work! If you are interested in having a CAP speaker at your event, contact us at
Arizona House Speaker Kirk Adams Defends Life! After helping lead the charge to pass the Abortion Consent Act, Speaker Adams is going even further to defend life. This week he filed a motion to intervene in the abortion lawsuits as a party that has significant interest in the legal battle. Thanks to Speaker Adams for standing for life!

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