Thursday, August 21, 2014

Where is Horne on these important conservative issues???

As usual, Tom Horne is missing when it comes to the most important issues facing conservatives. Why hasn't he joined in other lawsuits trying to stop Obamacare? Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has filed  a lawsuit, as well as plenty of other people. Why didn't he join in the recent lawsuit on EPA Carbon rules? Why was he MIA on public prayer in the Greece v Galloway case? 

Horne is not conservative, he's not going to stand up to the liberals on most issues - including several illegal immigration issues where he's been AWOL. He hasn't done so in the past and he still isn't. Don't be fooled. Look at what he does, not what he says. I've known Brnovich very closely for 14 years ever since we had offices together for three years and he is the REAL DEAL. He's not going to compromise, and he has been conservative to the core since then. He didn't switch over and conveniently become a Republican when it suited him like Horne did. I would describe Brnovich as even more conservative than myself, including on illegal immigration. To hear Horne label Brnovich as liberal on illegal immigration is a flat-out, dishonest lie, and despicable considering Brnovich is speaking out on multiple illegal immigration issues, lawsuits, etc. where Horne has said NOTHING, and when he does on a couple of them, it's not in leader fashion, but late to the party.

Look at Brnovich's stances on issues.There is NOTHING remotely liberal about his positions, anywhere. You will be pressed to find a more stalwart, outspoken, ethical principled conservative running for office anywhere. Plus I assure you he is brilliant and likable, otherwise I wouldn't consider him a good friend all these years. 

Regardless, Horne cannot win the general against Democrat Felecia Rotellini. He's proven time and time again that he is lacking in ethics and is under MULTIPLE investigations for things like using his office for campaign purposes. This is the last person who should be the chief law enforcement officer in the state. DON'T BELIEVE HIS LIES.

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