Sunday, August 10, 2014

Andrew Thomas for Governor wins straw polls from Daisy Mountain Tea Party, LD 20

Andrew Thomas with Mr. Intellectual Conservative

By Andrew Thomas

Thanks to the voters of our great state, my campaign is the one with clear momentum. Recently, I won the endorsement of national conservative leader Michelle Malkin and straw polls by real voters: Maricopa County Republican leaders, District 20 Republicans and the Daisy Mountain Tea Party. I am the one candidate for Governor who is campaigning as an unabashed conservative and has a record to back it up. It's no wonder my campaign is the one that is truly surging. 

Even the "polls" purchased and controlled by my opponents and their friends are forced to concede I am rising rapidly and faster than anyone else. If you haven't yet researched the differences between the candidates to see why I'm the one true conservative running for Governor, please see my posts on Facebook or go to my website, 

We must not settle for a candidate who will do the bidding of the establishment and stab us in the back as soon as the Republican primary election is behind them. Doesn't that happen every election cycle in Arizona? Instead, let's turn things around by sending the establishment a message they won't soon forget. Please vote for me by early ballot or on Election Day, August 26.

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