Thursday, August 21, 2014

National Review realizes Tom Horne is really, really bad news

 By Ciara Matthews

He is plagued with accusations of illegal and immoral activity, not just in his public life, but in his private life as well.
News about accusations plaguing Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne — as well as a Clean Elections investigation — dominate local and national headlines. A Canadian native, save for a drug scandal, his press coverage is bearing resemblance to that of Toronto mayor Rob Ford.
First elected in 1997 to the Arizona house of representatives, Horne appeared — on paper — to be a qualified and capable candidate to serve as the Grand Canyon State’s top law-enforcement official when he first ran for the post in 2010.
That year, he beat Democrat Felecia Rotellini by four percentage points and seemed poised to add his name to the growing list of powerful Arizona Republicans actively pushing back against the federal overreach. AGs across the country have asserted their last-line-of-defense authority in recent years, as seen in the 2011 lawsuit by more than half of sitting state attorneys general over Obamacare’s individual mandate and the growing number of legal battles challenging the actions of federal departments, including a lawsuit by 12 attorneys general against the Environmental Protection Agency and multi-state opposition to the National Labor Relations Board lawsuit against Boeing Company.

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