Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ralph Heap, the Clear Choice for LD25 Senate Responds to Attack Ads in this Message

Ralph Heap is a conservative and the clear choice for LD25 Senate. The following is a forwarded message.

Dr. Ralph Heap writes:

I am a political novice and continue to be amazed by the political process. I knew that as a conservative who believes in the principle of limited government, I would be a target for the concerns that look to expand the size and scope of government and the special interests that profit from that expansion. Obamacare is the embodiment of big government. The expansion of Medicaid will be a financial burden for the state that will inevitably compromise our ability to fund key state commitments ranging from education to public safety. Tax increases will not be avoidable.

I am being accused of hypocrisy because I am willing to treat Medicaid patients. I am flattered and encouraged by the repeated attacks which demonstrate for all to see the success of my campaign. Here are the facts: I do not have a private medical practice. I spent 18 months at my own expense on a medical mission to Africa and upon my return I went to work for Physicians Group of Arizona. I receive a salary and I am not involved in contracting with any patient group. I see the patients assigned to me by my employers. There are no monies directly paid to me from any insurance company or government agency. These facts can be easily checked and were provided to the Arizona a Republic. The idea that doctors are making big money from Medicaid is laughable. In fact the adds have been a nice source of comic relief for some of my beleaguered colleagues. One physician saw the tv add and after confirming that I am running in opposition to Obamacare, stated " so let me get this straight you are campaigning to make less money."

The typical Medicaid payment is about 70% of Medicare.  The reality is that Medicaid payments barely cover an Orthopedic Surgeons overhead. I am one of a very small number of Surgeons in the East Valley willing to care for these patients. I have a history of caring for the less fortunate, at my expense, on numerous mission trips and in my private Orthopedic practice. This is not the profile of a doctor trying to enrich himself at the taxpayers expense.

I will continue my campaign as the only conservative choice for State Senate in LD 25. I appreciate very much the enthusiastic support I have received. I am willing to take the personal attacks and I will not waver from my commitment to those conservative principles that are the foundation of this great country.

Regrettably opponents have chosen to use Ad Hominem Attacks.  Here is both a statement and avideo to get correct the misrepresentations.

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