Friday, August 15, 2014

Ducey, Smith and Jones Realize Thomas is the One to Beat, So Will Not Allow Him in Their Fake Republican Polling

Polls funded by special-interest-backed candidates all leave Andrew Thomas out as a choice for governor!


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Thursday, August 14th, 2014

McCain appearing with Ducey at a townhall
We've heard that the RINO Doug Ducey campaign for governor has hired the political consulting firm of Coleman Dahm & Associates, a political polling firm that represents Democrats too (hmm, what does that tell you?). They issued a poll today that - surprise! - shows Ducey in the lead. Now what's intriguing about this poll, is they claim there are only two frontrunners, Ducey and Smith, who are WAY ahead of everyone else. This is to scare people into thinking they'd better support Ducey in order to beat Smith, the only liberal Republican in the race - otherwise Smith will win.

Who believes this? Until now, Jones had money and was able to afford pollsters to make it look like SHE was one of the two leading candidates. The media dutifully reported for months that it was a two person race between Ducey and Jones. Ducey has all the GOP establishment behind him, so the money is still pouring in for him. A newcomer to politics, Jones has apparently run out of money.

So who do you want? The establishment-driven Ducey, or who the Republican base is supporting, Andrew Thomas? Don't buy the fake polls. It is abhorrent that our very own Republicans would be using false polls to bolster their chances. We've heard from close to 100 people over the past few days that they've been polled about the governor's race and Andrew Thomas was not offered as a choice. Since even in these dishonest polls, he's polling around third, what does that tell you? He's the guy they know they have to beat.

Sellout, and vote for Ducey or Smith, or stick with the only conservative in the race, who is not even ALLOWED in polling by his dishonest opponents!

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