Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Can Andrew Thomas become governor despite his legal battles?

 I keep hearing from people that Andrew Thomas cannot win the governor's race because of the attacks on him, which resulted in the AZ State Bar revoking his license. Really? Thomas is climbing in even the biased polls, the latest which had him tied with Ken Bennett. Look what happened to Bill Clinton after he was disbarred; he went on to become even more popular, arguably the most popular political leader in the world for awhile, and now gets paid about $55 million per speech.

And what about former Kansas Attorney General Phil Kline, who was similarly targeted by the left because he went after wrongdoing by abortion providers.  He went through a show trial just like we did, the same year in fact, 2011, and later that year he was disbarred. Well he's now a law professor at Liberty University, not exactly a lowly status.

The one thing I've been noticing the last few weeks especially is a surge in support online for Thomas. I'll see a rude comment about him on someone's Facebook page, or after an azcentral.com article - but people are now jumping in defending him with comments, names of people I don't even recognize.

I find it odd how people say Thomas can't win the election, but they're supporting Riggs instead, who is polling virtually the worst of anyone in the race. I like Riggs, but I don't see how he can overcome the low polling numbers. Even according to the biased polls, Thomas is significantly ahead of Riggs. So the logic that Thomas can't win - yet he's ahead of Riggs - therefore one should support Riggs, puzzles me.

There are some out there saying that Thomas should fix his legal problems first, then run for governor. Really? You've gotta be kidding! His enemies have been coming after him - and me - hard, the worst part beginning in 2009. It is now 2014 and there is no end in sight. What is he going to do, sit around for the next 20 years and never have an opportunity to hold office again because of these people targeting him? I think the targeting of him has gone on for so long now that people get it, they understand now the full story, the full story has been coming out for almost FIVE YEARS.

He's not "damaged goods" at this point, in fact, people are hiring him and seeking him out. My editor at the Selous Foundation for Public Policy Research, a prominent conservative think tank, was delighted to hire Thomas to write for him, and the pay is excellent.

As the collateral damage in all this, I was damaged pretty bad too for awhile, it destroyed my law practice. But I've bounced back, I now have a weekly column for Townhall.com, and the Selous Foundation recruited me to write for them, as did the Christian Post and the UK Guardian. Many of my columns go viral; this one had over 33,000 shares.  I have an excellent, well-paying job as a gun magazine editor where I'm always in the limelight representing the magazine and interviewing top celebrities like Ted Nugent. My bar license has now been suspended for over a year and I am embroiled in litigation to get it back, but at this point, most people know what happened to me and it's not hurting my career. I get invited on more radio shows than ever now.

I am incredibly grateful to everyone in the community who has stood up for me. I just ask that you consider the fact that Thomas is also bouncing back. He has been pounding the pavement nonstop around Arizona meeting voters, there really has been a groundswell of support for him. Once he gets into office, I assure you he will continue combating corruption, which is extremely important so people will quit saying, "Cook County is no longer the most corrupt county in the nation."

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