Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tom Horne, one-trick pony: the only thing he can point out negative about Brnovich because there's nothing else

Tom Horne's desperate attacks

Tom Horne is a desperate man. Down in the polls, shunned by leading Arizona conservatives and on the outs with his constituents, he’ll do or say anything in order to cling to power.

Case in point: Tom Horne’s latest campaign TV spot. After what must have been an exhaustive review of my credentials and background, the only issue my opponent could find is a $120 donation I made to a Democrat nearly a decade ago. In 2006 Democrat Pete Rios crossed party lines and supported conservatives in the fight for Arizona parents to be notified when their children sought abortions. My opponent’s desperate attempt to claim that I support Pete Rios’ position on border issues is a lie.  No one has fought harder to secure our border than Jan Brewer, and she has endorsed me because she knows I feel the same way. 

Between now and Tuesday, I will continue working to earn from voters the sacred trust that Tom Horne has broken.

As Attorney General, I am committed to restoring integrity in the office that Tom Horne has sullied.

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