Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Michelle Malkin blasts Ducey's campaign manager in her endorsement of Andrew Thomas

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Tuesday, August 5th, 2014
Ducey's campaign manager bashed Michelle Malkin and Ted Cruz on Twitter
Ducey's campaign manager: "How many more GOP losses can your rhetoric bring?...then only the true racists...I mean patriots will be against the Messicans."

GOP gubernatorial candidate Andrew Thomas is a stalwart and proven defender of our borders, the rule of law, and integrity in government. The former Maricopa County prosecutor is a longtime advocate for immigration enforcement, earning the wrath of the open-borders GOP elite, and is a true and trusted independent leader who stands out among establishment Republicans in Arizona. I've reported previously on Thomas's nightmarish abuse at the hands of the state's liberal judicial and legal elite. See here for more grass-roots and tea party support for Thomas.
NOTE: Many other national figures have endorsed Doug Ducey, but his campaign manager's nasty, race-baiting comments about anti-amnesty conservatives are troubling to say the least. His close ties toCommon Core racketeers at Achieve Inc. and McCain Central are also unsettling. And for me, those are insurmountable obstacles.
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