Tuesday, August 19, 2014

On principle, Andrew Thomas declines to participate in forum that caters only to Latinos

Below is an email I sent today to the organizers of a debate in which I'm declining to participate, for the reasons stated below. It's time to put an end to debates and forums that cater to voters based on race, ethnicity or language. This practice is dividing and damaging our country:

Dear Mr. Viramontes:

I am in receipt of your invitation to a gubernatorial candidates’ debate hosted by the Libre Initiative and Univision on August 20, 2014. Your invitation states the purpose of the debate is for candidates to address the “more than 600,000 Arizona Latinos” served by your organization. Also, Univision is to be the sole media outlet providing coverage of the event.

I am declining to participate in your debate. I believe it is wrong and damaging to our nation to conduct a forum that expressly caters to one racial or ethnic group only. This is particularly true when the debate is to be broadcast to the voters by a media outlet that speaks only Spanish, as Arizona is an Official English state.

Andrew Thomas
Candidate for Governor

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