Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Michelle Malkin endorses Andrew Thomas for Governor

If you had any doubts as to who is the real conservative in the race for governor, this should settle them. Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin, who has a long history of not compromising, unlike many political commentators after they become famous, has endorsed Andrew Thomas. 

"GOP gubernatorial candidate Andrew Thomas is a stalwart and proven defender of our borders, the rule of law, and integrity in government. The former Maricopa County prosecutor is a longtime advocate for immigration enforcement, earning the wrath of the open-borders GOP elite, and is a true and trusted independent leader who stands out among establishment Republicans in Arizona. I’ve reported previously on Thomas’s nightmarish abuse at the hands of the state’s liberal judicial and legal elite. See here for more grass-roots and tea party support for Thomas.

NOTE: Many other national figures have endorsed Doug Ducey, but his campaign manager’s nasty, race-baiting comments about anti-amnesty conservatives are troubling to say the least. His close ties to Common Core racketeers at Achieve Inc. and McCain Central are also unsettling. And for me, those are insurmountable obstacles."

See more of Michelle's endorsements here


AZ precinct committeeman said...

That is what the Republican Party needs people willing to speak up and say it like it is and not go along to get along. Thanks Michelle to calling out the good ole boy club with their quid pro quo endorsements for their moderate cronies.

Brandy Baron said...

Out of all of the candidates running for Az governor, Andy Thomas is the only one who has gone the distance for the people who put him in office. He literally put his career on the line to do the job that he was elected to do. Politicians who actually listen to their constituents are so very rare.
That is EXACTLY the kind of person we need as governor of AZ and why he has my vote.

Anonymous said...

Thomas and Jones are the best candidates in the AZ gov race. Ducey seems to have a lot of unresolved issues and some shady connections. Thomas has stood firm even after being on the receiving end of entrenched corruption and vendettas. Former Mesa Mayor Scott Smith oversaw a lot of institutional corruption in Mesa. He knowingly and willingly ignored Mesa Police Chief Frank Milstead's illegal gender discrimination against a female assistant chief, lied to cover it up, retaliated against her and then dragged down other employees all to cover up his corruption. Investigations have proven his illegal and unethical conduct, but Smith just looked the other way. There's a lot more, like employee theft, letting corrupt contracts in the facilities maintenance department, and a lot of conflicts of interest – but Smith ignored it. Smith is no leader for Arizona.