Sunday, August 10, 2014

McCain, Flake will not endorse anyone for AZ Governor; realizing Andrew Thomas may win and they will have to get along with him

It is very telling that Arizona's two U.S. GOP Senators, John McCain and Jeff Flake, have not endorsed anyone in the Arizona GOP gubernatorial primary. Contrary to all the spin coming from the other candidates and their cronies in the liberal media, there IS no clear frontrunner, or even frontrunners. None of the polls have been legit, they're all tied to one or more of the candidates and so the results are widely different. Both Senators realize there is a very good chance Andrew Thomas is going to win, by taking the conservative and Tea Party base, and so why tick him off needlessly now?

"It's better to stay out unless there's a really compelling case to get in," Flake told The Arizona Republic. "It's a race with a high profile, and you have to work with whomever gets in there and you don't want to back the wrong horse. There are more downsides than upsides."
"I'm very likely to stay out of it," McCain said. Asked if he'd been courted by the candidates, McCain said he had, but acknowledged not by every one. "Mr. Thomas has not asked me," he said.
Thomas actually has gone as far as to run a commercial on Phoenix radio station KFYI-AM (550) that highlighted his opposition to McCain. After McCain's comment was reported on Twitter, the Riggs campaign tweeted that the former California congressman also had not spoken to nor sought McCain's endorsement.
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