Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Horne LYING about Brnovich's position on illegal immigration! Unfrigginbelievable desperate tactic

Embattled, scandal-plagued, liberal AZ AG incumbent, Tom Horne just released a new ad saying conservative challenger Mark Brnovich favors tuition for illegals! This is such a flat, disgusting lie that people need to stand up and denounce him for it. Brnovich would never support tuition for illegals in a million years. I am appalled Horne has the nerve to run something that blatantly dishonest, isn't that defamation?

Brnovich is much tougher on illegal immigration than Horne has been and ever will be. I've known Brnovich closely since we had offices next door to each other for three years at the AZ Attorney General's Office from 2000-03. He may even be more conservative than I am, and I know for a fact he is more conservative on illegal immigration than I am.

Time and time again, Horne has ducked opportunities to combat illegal immigration. He wouldn't defend Governor Brewer in the court case over driver's licenses for illegal immigrants.  Horne has a long pattern of picking and choosing when to get involved in illegal immigration issues. Why didn't he file a lawsuit against Pima County over tuition for illegals, only Maricopa County, if he was really so concerned about it? Because everything he does is political. 

When was the last time charges were filed against an employer over e-verify violations? When Andrew Thomas was in office. Horne isn't prosecuting them. 

Don't drink the Kool-Aid. Horne is no conservative, and he's performed mediocre on illegal immigration. Brnovich will take a much more aggressive approach and fix our porous border. 

Matt Salmon, one of the most conservative Republican Representatives, explains in this video why he is supporting Brnovich. He asked Tom Horne not to run for reelection, he thought his scandals were so serious.


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Anonymous said...

That's one of many reasons Horne dud not get my vote.