Sunday, August 24, 2014

Arizona Citizen Files Formal Clean Elections Complaint on Huppenthal

Have Little Johnny's chickens come home to roost?

An Arizona citizen has filed a formal complaint with the Clean Elections Commission against current Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal for allegedly using state property to send campaign literature to thousands of Arizonans.

According to the complaint, Huppenthal has allegedly broken Clean Election rule R2-20-312 “Use of state property” which states:

“A Commissioner or employee shall not directly or indirectly use, or allow the use of , state property of any kind, including property leased to the state, for other than officially approved activities. Commissioners and employees have a positive duty to protect and conserve state property including equipment, supplies, and other property entrusted or issued to him or her.”

Huppenthal has until Monday, the day before the primary election, to respond to the complaint.

Which of Huppenthal's sock puppets will issue his response? Stay tuned.

Read the full Arizona Daily Independent article HERE.

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