Monday, August 4, 2014

Conservative Joe Hobbs only Republican running in West Valley's LD19

For Immediate Release
July 7th, 2014
(AVONDALE) – Republican Party activist Joe Hobbs will re-file an Amended Application to run as a “Participating” candidate in the LD19 State Senate race after a revised ruling from Clean Elections last Thursday, July 3rd. This ruling clarified advice Hobbs received earlier from the SOS’s Office. “The issues for “write-in” candidates are rather complex and there are stipulations which must be met but this is very good news to our fledgling campaign,” said Hobbs after a long few days of negotiations.
The BIG NEWS IS NOW WE MAY COLLECT $5 Qualifying Contributions from our LD19 Registered voters! We must qualify to be on the ballot before any funds will be allocated to our account of course, and funds will only be applied for the General Election. We are very pleased with these stipulations!
“I’m looking forward to the challenge of qualifying for the ballot.” said Hobbs, adding “We are putting together a great group of volunteers to assist us and we look forward to taking our message to the voters of LD19.” My fledgling campaign has BLASTED OFF!
We have refused to surrender a Senate seat without a fight – we have launched our Hobbs4az campaign – we have a clear plan – we have MOTIVATED troops joining our ranks  – we have Early Seed Contributors and many more on the way – we have a clear strategy to get on the November ballot – we have a clear strategy to get ALL of the required $5 Qualifying Contributions – we will be well funded and very competitive – we are climbing this mountain – after we win in November people will be asking “what the heck just happened?” and we will say LIBERTY ERUPTED in LD19.
There are Clean Elections limitations on Seed Money – we need it NOW. It can come from inside/outside LD19. Checks must be made payable to Hobbs4AZ, and they can be up to $160 per individual (a single check of $320 per household if both spouses sign the check). Please be generous, please tell your patriot friends to be generous, we need funding NOW. WE are in it to win it. Thank you very much.
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