Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Support the Alliance Defense Fund in 2009

Your support is crucial to confronting the legal challenges 2009 brings.

Did you know that, when you give financially to the Alliance Defense Fund, that money goes straight to our case load? It does not pay our mortgage. (The building that houses our headquarters in Arizona is paid in full.) It does not pay interest on borrowed funds. It does not pay for bailouts or golden parachutes.

Your donation pays for tomorrow.
Not yesterday.

Sure, we've had to cut back and pinch our pennies during these tough economic times. God, through His divine providence, provided ADF with wise men as our founders, one of whom was Larry Burkett. Mr. Burkett was the founder of Christian Financial Concepts - now known as Crown Financial Ministries. Although he went to be with the Lord more than five years ago, his strict financial guidelines are still followed by our ministry today.

That wisdom includes making sure we can pay for a case before we take it. That means we're saying "No" more than "Yes," but this approach ensures our financial stability.

Your commitment of prayer and financial support helped us get to where we are. And we thank you for that! Renew that commitment today and learn more about the specific challenges we will face together in 2009.

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