Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gets it wrong about Thomas

Excerpt from a letter to the editor in the East Valley Tribune by Barnett Lotstein, addressing the accusation that Thomas's objection to Judge Fields is groundless -

Fields presided over an official meeting of a Superior Court committee and openly rooted for Thomas’ defeat. He gave a contribution to Thomas’ opponent in excess of the maximum amount allowed by court canons for judicial officers. Fields referred a scurrilous article in the Phoenix New Times to the State Bar and initiated a complaint against Thomas on that basis. Even an employee of the Superior Court was so shocked by Fields’ demonstrated bias against the county attorney’s office that she complained recently to the presiding criminal judge about it.

It is instructive to note that since Thomas took office in 2005, he has supervised the prosecution of approximately 150,000 felony cases. Only on two occasions has the county attorney found it necessary to question a judge’s impartiality towards the office. This is hardly a vendetta against judges, as Coppersmith would have us believe.

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