Friday, January 16, 2009

Craig Cantoni: Take my captain's bars and shove them

Craig J. Cantoni

You see, I'm no longer proud to be an American, or whatever we call ourselves today. Some alternative words come to mind: crybabies, sheep, spoiled brats, spendthrifts, moochers, lard asses, busybodies, and international troublemakers and meddlers.

Several years ago I wrote in my former newspaper column in the Arizona Republic about the symbolism of handicap parking spaces -- about how the kind idea of helping wheelchair-bound people had morphed into an entitlement for those whose only handicap is narcissism. I got more hate mail on that column than any of my hundreds of other columns. Of course, the writers unwittingly proved my point.

A nation that has five times more handicap spaces than are needed to accommodate the truly disabled is a nation with a math handicap. A government that puts multiple handicap spaces at trailheads and tennis courts is a silly government. And a political system that can't say no to such foolishness is a political system that is incapable of stopping more serious foolishness.

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