Tuesday, January 27, 2009

#dontgo movement update

The site has been revamped and here is is the press release about the new Arizona News Platoon.

Arizona News Platoon is Live!

January 20, 2009

CONTACT: Juliana Johnson
(312) 575-9500 (office)
(847) 691-9278 (cell)

On Monday, January 20th the Arizona News Platoon will be joining four other state Platoon sites. The website, www.Arizona.NewsPlatoon.com, will work to promote local government transparency and accountability, provide a news platform for local activism networks, and aggregate the top news stories happening across the state.

In wishing the News Platoon the best of luck with the launch, Senator Sylvia Allen (AZ-5) stated, “As you know the supporters of the liberal movement poured billions of dollars into this last election and so the conservative message had a hard time getting to the voter. Also the internet played a very important role in the victory of President Elect Obama. We as conservatives must get up to speed in this communication and battle for the heart and soul of America. Arizona proved that when the voters could hear the conservative message, they voted for that candidate. Blogs are an important part of getting the message out.”

Senator Ron Gould (AZ- 3) also supports #dontgo and stated, “Blogs play a very important part in getting the conservative message out to the people. I have used blogs myself to end run the controlled media and shine the light of truth on insider plans to increase taxes.”

The News Platoons are a product of the #dontgo Movement (www.dontgomovement.com) which uses web-based strategies and tactics to advance free-market values. Its mission is to develop a fifty state strategy of blogs and internet social networks that would activate more free market conservatives in their communities leading into the 2010 elections.

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