Wednesday, January 21, 2009

#dontgo movement launches Arizona News Platoon

In response to the left's online advantage through organizations like, the right has responded with #dontgo, which is attempting to surpass the left's organizational skills online using new media like Twitter, Youtube, social networking sites, and blogs. News Platoons aggregating conservative thought and news are being started in every state (Tennessee and Virginia also launched yesterday). Arizona News Platoon has already signed up numerous conservative bloggers and organizations and is continue to add more. The Alliance Defense Fund will be contributing a weekly podcast. The Arizona News Platoon launched with a breaking story on how the Arizona State Bar backed off on its efforts to a line about sexual orientation to all attorneys' oaths. This was very likely due to news about the proposed oath spreading through new media channels, prompting emails protesting from all over the country sent to Arizona's Bar President Ed Novak.

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