Friday, January 30, 2009

Alan Korwin: Good Gun Bills Introduced in Arizona

To all of you who keep asking -- What can I do?

I have an answer --
it's time to support your Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL).
These guys are doing what most of us cannot do ourselves.

They are down at the legislature pushing GOOD gun bills
and killing the bad ones. They are influential, and get results.
In Arizona, they're more important than NRA, GOA and all the rest.
I mean that, it's true, they're making it happen.

Do you want results on behalf of your right to keep and bear arms or not?

Part of AzCDL's power comes from the alerts they send you,
so you can email the legislators and apply pressure.
You want to do something?

I'm in business to tell you what the laws are.
AzCDL is in the business of making the good laws happen.
I don't lobby. They do. This is what you need as a gun owner.
Please please send them a membership fee
and get on their alerts list. Do it before tomorrow.

They have a lot of bills underway.
Here are two of the latest:


SB 1243, clarifying when "Defensive Display" of a firearm is justified,
has 18 co-sponsors. This bill is similar to an AzCDL-requested bill filed
last year that PASSED in the Legislature but was vetoed by our former
anti-rights Governor. Defensive display includes:

-- Verbally informing another person that you have a firearm available.
-- Exposing or displaying a firearm in a manner that conveys you mean to
protect yourself.
-- Placing your hand on your firearm while it is holstered or in a pocket,
purse or other means of containment.

HB 2439, with 22 co-sponsors, provides for an alternative 3-hour CCW
course, dealing only in legal issues, for qualified individuals who can
show proof of prior firearms training, such as:
-- Completion of an NRA pistol course.
-- Completion of pistol related courses at the college level, or at places
like Front Sight or Gunsite.
-- Completion of certain law enforcement training.
-- Current military service or an honorable discharge.
-- A competitive rating or ranking in an organized shooting competition.
-- A CCW permit from another jurisdiction that required training or
testing to obtain.

Stay tuned! When critical legislation comes before committees, we will
notify you via these Alerts.


Is that excellent or what?! This is what you and I need. Do you want to be
a part of this? You can, go to their website and join in. Tell your friends.

The alerts they send include the emails of the legislators -- it's easy as
cake, you do it from your own home -- you REALLY make a difference. They
even include sample messages if you don't want to compose it yourself.

You'd be amazed. When the public (that's you) starts banging on a
legislator, even just a couple dozen of us, they tell their colleagues
they're getting 'flooded' with calls and emails. When a few hundred do it,
it's a tsunami and they respond. And we have good people in both state
houses now and a governor who will sign these bills.

Help make it happen. Don't wait till later. At least
take a look. Even if you're flat broke or a tightwad like me, that website
will charge you up.

Best news of all -- "Constitutional Carry" bill

AzCDL introduced a "Constitutional Carry" bill. That means you can carry
openly OR concealed, without getting government permission first! The CCW
permit remains in place if you want one for reciprocity or the easy
shopping rules, but simple legal possession of your private property (a
firearm) will no longer be a crime. You need to look at their website for
details, and support these guys if you're serious about gun rights. This is

Oh, did I mention they have a restaurant-carry bill under way too?

Respectfully submitted,


P.S. I know them all personally, they're good people, and hey, they like
my political-parody band The Cartridge Family (we've played their annual
meeting more than once). How much can you ask for?

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