Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The left wing agrees with the right wing on keeping our initiative process

AzAN's February Forum, Thurs. Feb. 19th at Faith Lutheran Church
Responsible Reform: Protecting Citizen Initiatives
Ensuring every voter can vote The constitutionally guaranteed right of citizens to enact law through initiative is under attack. Problems with misleading language and fraudulent signatures were abundant during 2008. In her State of the State Address outgoing Governor Napolitano recommended changes to our constitutionally protected citizen initiative process. What kinds of changes would address the current breakdowns while protecting the ability of grassroots organizations to place measures on the ballot? We'll hear the pros and cons of the various proposals under consideration from experts experienced in running true citizen initiatives.

DATE: Thursday, February 19th
TIME: Refreshments at 5:00 PM ; Program begins at 6:00 PM
LOCATION: Faith Lutheran Church 801 E. Camelback Rd., East of 7th Street on Camelback Rd.

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