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The Defender update

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Justice for All Tucson Training
My Upcoming Drama Performance
You Can Put Me Over The Top
Are questions more powerful than answers?
Me Training StudentsOn Wednesday, January 7th ten of our JFA staff and volunteers trained over 70 students from Pusch Ridge Christian Academy in the art of "making abortion unthinkable." The students split into groups of eight and practiced having mock dialogues with JFA staff acting as pro-choice advocates during a five hour seminar. The students quickly caught on that asking good questions creates moments to witness and change hearts. For example, when I told students I was "personally opposed to abortion but still wanted it to be legal," Luke, a sophomore, brilliantly asked me, "So, why are you personally opposed to abortion? If abortion is just a surgery then it's no big deal. But if you don't like it because it kills a human being, then why should it be legal?" Instead of name-calling or emotional outbursts, students like Luke are learning to be gracious pro-life ambassadors. Please pray for their continual spiritual development because they will join us to present the pro-life message to college students at the University of Arizona this February.
Pray for Drama (The Good Kind!)
Prayer RallyOn Friday, January 23rd at 7:00pm hundreds of pro-lifers will gather at the ASU Newman Center for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix's annual Pro-life Youth Rally. However, unlike pro-life rallies in the past (pictured left), I will be adding a new element to this year's rally as I model for the attendees how to have compassionate dialogues about abortion with those who are pro-choice. Attendees will take part in this interactive pro-life drama that combines praise and worship, multimedia, an address from Bishop Olmsted, and a Eucharistic procession up "A" mountain. Please pray that our performance motivates everyone in attendance to have compassionate conversations that soften people's hearts towards choosing life.

For more information email Mike Phelan at the Diocese of Phoenix at
You can put me over the top!
Me Engaging a Pro-choice StudentAs of this mailing I have raised 61% of the financial support I need to join Justice for All as a full time staff member this spring. I will now be working part time for JFA to prepare our exhibits at the ASU and UofA campuses in February. I am so excited to begin this ministry and ask that you keep me in your prayers during this time of transition. I also ask that you prayerfully consider joining my support team if you have not already done so. A contribution of $10 or $25 each month will greatly accelerate my support raising goals and can be made online by clicking here.

Thank you all for the sacrifices you have made in these hard economic times. The sad fact is that 75% of abortions are obtained for economic reasons. So while some people joke that "the economy is killing them right now," in reality
the economy really is killing some people (i.e. the ones who aren't born yet). But your sacrifices are helping to insure that the cost of saving a human life can never be measured with a price tag.

Along with my pro-life mission, I also ask that you keep my friends at Maggie's Place in your prayers. Maggie's Place is a house of hospitality that provides room and board for homeless and low-income pregnant women. While Justice for All works to make abortion unthinkable, organizations like Maggie's Place are equally important because they work to make it unnecessary. Unfortunately, Maggie's Place recently experienced a fire at one of their homes and while no one was injured, it will take time to clean up and restore the house. Please call 602-262-5555 or email if you want to help in any way.
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Trent Horn
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To learn more about me, Justice for All, and our work to train thousands to make abortion unthinkable for millions, click here.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, January 31st

9:00am - 2:30pm
JFA Pro-life Training at ASU Ventana Ballroom Room 241C. To register call 800.281.6426

Sunday, February 1st
12:00pm - 5:30pm
JFA Pro-life Training at the University of Arizona. To register call 800.281.6426

February 2nd-3rd:
The Justice for All exhibit will be hosted at the University of Arizona

February 4th-5th:
The Justice for All exhibit will be hosted at Arizona State University

Favorite Scripture Verse of the Month
The Bible
"Come now, and let us reason together," Says the LORD, "Though your sins are as scarlet, They will be as white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, They will be like wool."
(Isaiah 1:18 NASB)

Your Support Saves Lives
Picture of Nicholas
Your support saves the lives of children like Nicholas (pictured above). To read about how our exhibit made a BIG impact on Nicholas' mom, click here.

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