Monday, January 12, 2009

Anti-Tax Group Releases Guide To 2009 Legislative Scorecard, Arizona Reform Plan

AFP-Arizona Emphasizes Spending Reductions, Private-sector Alternatives

PHOENIX—In a memo delivered late last week to the Arizona Legislature and to Gov. Jan Brewer’s transition team, the Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP) outlined how elements of its ten-point Reform Arizona Plan will be scored on AFP Arizona’s 2009 Legislative Scorecard. The Reform Arizona Plan aims to bring the state’s massive budget deficit under control and to put Arizona onto a path of strong economic growth.

Budget votes are a large part of AFP Arizona’s scorecards, which measure bills based on their annual dollar impact to taxpayers, producers, and consumers. But with the state facing the most severe fiscal crisis in its history, over half the points on the Scorecard will measure the success of the Legislature and the Governor in reducing general fund spending—without resorting to tax increases, accounting gimmicks, unconstitutional debt, or federal handouts.

“For the last six years, Arizona government has spent money at unrealistic rates, and it is now time to get back to reality,” said AFP Arizona Director Tom Jenney. “We must not force taxpayers to pay for the government’s recent spending binge.”

Weighing second in the Scorecard is a referendum bill that would reduce the spending limit in the state Constitution from 7 percent to 6.4 percent of state personal income, with a taxpayer standing clause for judicial enforcement, and a provision for the immediate refund of excess monies to taxpayers. The proposed limit is not as stringent as the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (which is based on population-plus-inflation), but is designed to keep the state government from growing faster than the private economy, thereby preventing massive future budget deficits.

“Now more than ever, Arizona lawmakers need to propose legislation that would save the state money by using private-sector alternatives to replace functions currently managed by government bureaucracies,” said Jenney.

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