Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Schweikert: An Excuse for Doing Nothing

Mitchell’s State of the District Address
AKA An Excuse for Doing Nothing
Mitchell Decries Problems Caused by His Own Votes, His Own Party
Harry&Nancy(Scottsdale, AZ) Making one of his increasingly rare public appearances after his unpopular vote for the Obama-Pelosi nationalized healthcare plan opposed by so many in his own district, Congressman Harry Mitchell delivered his so-called “State of the District” address that ended up being nothing more than a list of excuses for the do-nothing Democratic Congress’ failure to accomplish anything to substantively improve the economy despite having total control of the federal government.
In his remarks, Mitchell claims that his party is “frustrated by the inability to get anything done,” while strangely ignoring that with total control of the federal government they only have themselves to blame. [ read more ]

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