Saturday, February 13, 2010

Letter to Sarah Palin from a Maricopa County Republican officer

Dear Sarah,
 As an activist precinct committeeman and county Republican Party officer, I have a better than average perspective on Sen. McCain's less than conservative principles and his totally unresponsive representation to his Arizona constituents over many years.
 In 2004, many of us were collecting signatures on a citizen's initiative called Proposition 200.  The focus of this initiative was to keep our voting process safe from illegal voters and to stop giving state welfare to illegal residents.  Sen. McCain worked tirelessly against the thousands of citizens who were trying to get this issue on the ballot.  This bill passed by 78% of Arizona voters and has repeatedly been upheld in courts despite the efforts of the various well-funded immigrant advocacy groups.  To add insult to injury, and to show you how out of touch with his constituents he was (and still is), he then co-authored with Ted Kennedy the egregious amnesty bill of 2007 which was overwhelmingly opposed by the American people and ultimately defeated.
 Legislation to stifle the free speech of PACs during elections and protect the seats of incumbents that he and Sen. Russ Feingold got passed was deemed unconstitutional in the Supreme Court's recent decision.  But look at the negative repercussions from that legislation:  George Soros can now buy election by funding numerous 527 groups such as ACORN.
 It has been abundantly clear to Arizonans that McCain's whole focus has been on increasing his own power since he was first elected our Senator 24 years ago.  He's been so busy running for President in 2000 and 2008 that he rarely responds to our correspondence and has an answering machine to respond to our phone calls to Washington (if one can get through before getting the "all full" message).  He rarely attends our Republican meetings and has denigrated our state and county conservative leadership.  When he deigns to attend very well attended townhalls, he is very disdainful of any opposing views and does not follow through on promises to "look into" constituent issues.  But, now that there is some viable opposition to his re-election, he is now touting his conservative bonifides and painting a very different face for the voters of Arizona who weren't even important enough to visit in 2008.
 You were the only reason many of us voted for him in the Presidential election which he seemed determined to lose by the many missteps he made.  Along with other progressives, he seemed determined to get Obama elected.
 We realize you feel a sense of loyalty to him because of the opportunity he afforded you in 2008; however, as a conservative icon, we feel you will be misleading the uninformed Arizona voters by endorsing him and helping him raise funds.    It's time for a change.  Ask his staff how many precinct committeemen declared they would support him in this election--they called all of us.  No one that I know answered in the affirmative.  He is having trouble getting his petition signatures and has to pay staff to go to all the events where most people refuse to sign them.  We are fed up with his total disdain for this state and his constituents and really want to get J. D. Hayworth elected as our senator.
 Please don't help Mcain--it will be a slap in the faces of all conservatives and probably mean the passage of another amnesty bill.
 Much good luck in your future.
 Sandy Doty
 Maricopa County Republican Committee


Anonymous said...

Ditto that. I already e mailed Sarah on this. If everyone who thinks the same way were to write her, she could not possibly ignore it. Let's everybody write Sarah and let her know our opinion!

Unknown said...

Thank you Sandy for your very well written letter. I will join you and add my plea to Sara - "please do not support McCain. Conervatives in Arizona are in the process of asking him to consider another line of work."

Unknown said...


No one could have said it all as well as you just did. I echo your position in its entirety.

Jim O'Connor
AZ State Leader of the GOOOH Plan

Cephus said...

Your comments are right on the mark. I'm confident Sarah is supporting McCain out of a sense of loyalty. You've got to give it to McCain, he is a shrewd politician and he is playing every card he can to get elected. If Sarah and her advisors are savvy, they will realize endorsing McCain will severely weaken her standing with conservatives and her viability for higher office. If someone has an email address for Sarah, I would encourage you to share,and perhaps, if enough of us write, she will rescind her offer to endorse.


Jeff Bales "The Tiger Teeth Guy!" said...

I am hoping to be approved as a new PC for the GOP in Tucson and have been active as a TEA Party Patriot.

Your open letter is well written. I do not believe that it will make a difference to Palin, who is a conservative and patriot, but still a career politician.

I explore the pros and cons of having a 'ordinary citizen' as our President to eliminate political 'paybacks' like Palin's support of McCain, the 'progressive'. I explore the possibility at:

Thank you for taking a stand for America!

Jeff Bales
Vice Chairman
The City of Tucson's Small Business Commission