Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hayworth Endorsed by Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

PHOENIX, Ariz. February 22, 2010. The organization representing the officers of the largest law enforcement agency in Arizonaannounced their support of JD Hayworth today in his bid to unseat Senator John McCain. The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) also announced today that they are making the maximum contribution allowed by law to Hayworth’s campaign.
“We are proud to stand behind JD. He stood behind our officers during his time in Congress and during his time as a broadcaster,” said Mark Spencer, President of PLEA. PLEA represents more than 2500 sworn officers of the Phoenix Police Department.  “We look forward to his continued community service through his support of front-line public safety personnel.”
Hayworth, who is mounting a conservative challenge to the moderate McCain, is moved by the endorsement.
“Few endorsements mean as much to me as the folks who are on the front lines of keeping our communities safe. I am honored that Phoenix cops think that much of me,” said Hayworth. “The fact that they are supporting my campaign financially makes it that much more special.”
Vulnerable to the more conservative Hayworth on taxes, pro-law enforcement issues and illegal immigration, McCain has resorted to attacking Hayworth on spending, despite Hayworth having a better lifetime rating from Citizens Against Government Waste, among other organizations.
McCain also voted for the $850 billion bailout of the big banks which included $150 billion in earmarks, proposed a $300 billion bailout for mortgage lenders and, according to the Heritage Foundation, sponsored an amnesty bill that would have cost taxpayers $2.6 trillion over the long-term.
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