Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Conservative Radio Show Host Rush Limbaugh Breaks Down McCain’s “Rhino-Republican” Tactics Against U.S. Senate Candidate J.D. Hayworth

PHOENIX, ARIZONA.  FEBRUARY 16, 2010.  Rush Limbaugh, host of the highest-rated talk radio program, The Rush Limbaugh Show, spoke about J.D. Hayworth’s Republican primary challenge to 24-year U.S. Senator John McCain.
Highlights of Limbaugh’s commentary from Tuesday’s show include:

    “So what we have here folks, a teachable moment about rhino-republicans, they will go after conservatives more than they will ever go after any liberal including ones who are destroying the country.”
    “Now we’re going to get a chance to see if the era of McCain is over.”

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Unknown said...

You mean "RINO" which is Republican In Name Only, not "Rhino", I think.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.