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CAP: Setting the record straight on the marital preference for adoption bill

February 12, 2010

Setting the Record Straight!
 Too often, legislators, policy advocates, and the media misunderstand a policy proposal and distort the truth. The most recent example regards HB 2148 - Marital Preference for Adoption. This bill simply would give children eligible for adoption through the Arizona Department of Economic Security a chance to have a mom and a dad, if that is in the best interests of the child. The bill would not prohibit a single person from adopting a child, specifically if the child already has a relationship with that single adult or is a relative. The bill is very limited in scope, even though many people might want you to believe otherwise. Read my article in the Capitol Times that sets the record straight.

School Choice: Good for Students, Good For Arizona!
Liberals in the media and Democrats in the legislature have been launching many attacks on scholarship tax credit programs. These scholarship programs, which have been a monumental blessing to many families, save the state money. On Thursday, opponents attempted to derail SB 1274 to enable taxpayers to make donations to these programs by April 15 by proposing six hostile amendments. Thankfully, all were defeated. Earlier in the week on Monday, the House Ways and Means Committee passed HB 2664 to strengthen accountability and make several improvements to the scholarship programs. Watch this great video that explains why these scholarships are a win-win for Arizona!
Tax Credit

Legislative Update
As you can tell, it's the time of year where CAP-supported bills are being heard and debated almost every day at the state Capitol. I encourage you to visit our 2010 Legislative Agendapage to view the CAP Fact Sheets and current status on all CAP-supported bills. The following six bills have passed the initial committee hearings and are on their way to floor debate and/or final votes in their respective houses:
§        HB 2649 - Abortion Reporting Requirements
§         HB 2148 - Marital Preference for Adoption
§         HB 2664 - Scholarship Tax Credit Reform
§         SB 1274 - Tax Credit Donations Deadline
§         SB 1280 - University Scholarship Equity
§         HB 2650 - Divorce Reform     
Next week, CAP's Policy Team will be "in action" every day as several CAP-supported bills will be heard in committees. For a complete schedule read our blog.

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