Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Don Goldwater urges support for JD Hayworth

Today, proud conservatives from Arizona and across America have the chance to take power away from liberal special interest groups and restore the real sovereignty back where it belongs: with the American people.

The political revolution that started with the election of Republican Senator Scott Brown in Massachusetts must continue across this great country of ours if we are to resurrect our economy, national security and restore the God given freedoms our country was founded on.

Today, I'm writing to you about a very special friend who in just a few days will be announcing his candidacy for the United States Senate.

He is a tried and true patriot who believes in securing the border, reducing the size of government, restricting its intrusion into our economic and personal lives and protecting America against those who would try to destroy her.

He believes in the rule of law, the sanctity of Life, and the rights guaranteed by our Constitution.

He's voted FOR the tax relief that his opponent has voted against. He's opposed the big government bailouts that his opponent has voted for and he's been a leading national voice on protecting our nation against terrorists while his opponent has voted to protect the rights of terrorists.

Today, I am writing you to join with me to help elect J.D. HAYWORTH, to the United States Senate and retire his opponent Senator John McCain. On August 24th, Arizona Republicans will select their party's nominee for U.S. Senator. Recent independent polling shows this race too close to call and JD need our help now!

How do we send a message to Washington that the people of Arizona don't support amnesty, government subsidies for illegals and won't tolerate the guns, drugs and gangs flowing over the border into our state any longer? joining me today and making an online contribution to JD!

And, how do we make sure Washington hears our voices loud and clear that we want smaller government, a balanced budget, and tax relief for families and seniors? joining me today and making an online contribution to JD!

Conservatives across Arizona and America are joining this fight. Together we can win this battle. We need your support today, whether you can contribute $20, $50 or even $500. Every contribution helps send a signal that we're behind JD HAYWORTH for US Senate 100%!

Please join me and donate today. And when the campaign is in your area, please come join us at a campaign event. We promise good fun, good speakers, and a great campaign to elect a consistent conservative to represent Arizona in the US Senate!

Thank you in advance for supporting JD Hayworth for US Senate.

God bless you and God bless America.



I just got off the phone with JD and he asked me to underscore the urgency of the grassroots support. As JD put it, "don't give John McCain AMNESTY by ignoring this call for support".

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